2 — In the Age of the Brexit rethoric

2017-12-21 — It Takes More Than Bluster to Brexit
2017-12-21 — People didn't vote for Brexit because they're racist, study finds
2017-12-21 — Farage says Brexit in name only would be a NIGHTMARE
2017-12-21 — Avoid an American “Brexit” with NAFTA
2017-12-21 — The Effect of Brexit on Trademarks, Designs and Other “Europeanized”
2017-12-21 — British banks face tougher rules if they want to access EU markets after Brexit – as UK pledges the ...
2017-12-21 — May can berate Putin. But Brexit is his dream policy
2017-12-19 — Brexit Is More Threatening Than EU Conflict to Polish Government
2017-12-19 — After US elections, Brexit, west countries grow fearful of Russian hackers
2017-12-19 — The One Prejudice Brexit Bigots Will Never Indulge
2017-12-19 — After Brexit, it's no longer about “left” and “right”—it's now social liberals vs social conservatives
2017-12-14 — UK's May heads to EU summit after Brexit vote defeat
2017-12-14 — Facebook and Twitter: Nine Russian Brexit ads found by inquiries
2017-12-14 — Theresa May defeated over Brexit plan, after own party members rebel
2017-12-14 — Brexit, Trump and a generation of incompetents
2017-12-14 — No evidence Russia interfered in Brexit vote, ex-head of MI6 says
2017-12-12 — Brexit UK and Trump's America drop in ranking of countries doing good for humanity
2017-12-12 — Donald Trump and Brexit become running jokes at pantomimes this year
2017-12-12 — Who can we trust to predict our post-Brexit future?
2017-12-12 — Brexit is allowing Europe to get serious about defending itself
2017-12-07 — Ministers 'absolutely optimistic' of Brexit border deal
2017-12-07 — Saudi Arabia condemns Trump on Jerusalem, and Brexit latest
2017-12-07 — May Is Preparing Another Brexit Proposal for Ireland
2017-12-07 — Theresa May's Brexit strategy risks fracturing the United Kingdom
2017-12-07 — May 'will fall without Brexit deal' and anger over Trump
2017-12-07 — Brexit was the tipping point': EU nationals on why they left the UK
2017-12-05 — New Poll Reveals Generations Prepared To Sell Each Other Out Over Brexit
2017-12-05 — Bannon and Rees-Mogg: The correlation between Brexit and white supremacy laid bare
2017-12-05 — Trump, Brexit and Love Island among UK's top online searches for 2017
2017-12-05 — Brexit and Trump 'make Canada a more attractive prospect for Hong Kong international students'
2017-12-05 — Five reasons why the Brexit negotiations have just got more difficult
2017-12-04 — UK anti-poverty adviser quits, blames Brexit
2017-11-30 — European parliament demands more concessions from Britain - despite Brexit bill deal
2017-11-30 — Brexit bill doesn't 'buy' a trade deal
2017-11-30 — UK consumer confidence drops to lowest level since Brexit result
2017-11-30 — Net migration falls by more than 106000 after Brexit vote as EU citizens flee
2017-11-30 — What do the Brexit elite want?
2017-11-28 — Brexit strongly linked to xenophobia, scientists conclude
2017-11-28 — 'Ireland will have to pay for physical border with Northern Ireland' - Brexit-backing MP compared to ...
2017-11-28 — US Mayoral Runner-Up Says Magic Mushrooms Can Help Deal With 'Trump, Brexit'
2017-11-28 — “There's no alternative to hard Brexit without Labour”
2017-11-28 — Is the moment of truth approaching for Brexit talks?
2017-11-27 — If you want to see how Brexit will really pan out, take a look at what's happened to the European ...
2017-11-27 — Give the Brexiteers what they want – it's time for a United Ireland
2017-11-23 — UK Predicts Worse Growth and Earmarks Cash for Hard Brexit
2017-11-23 — Everything you need to know about the investigations into the Brexit campaign
2017-11-23 — Trump, Brexit and the far right
2017-11-23 — Johnny Marr reveals how Brexit and Donald Trump will influence his new album
2017-11-23 — Why Brexit, politics – and everything else – can't just be about economics
2017-11-21 — Dominic Grieve expects climbdown over post-Brexit human rights law
2017-11-21 — Labour Backs Tory Rebel's Brexit Bill Amendment To Protect Human Rights
2017-11-21 — Pressure on legal sector as Brexit anxiety mounts
2017-11-21 — How the Sex Scandals Might Accomplish What Donald Trump and Brexit Couldn't
2017-11-21 — The loss of the European Medicines Agency due to Brexit could hinder access to life-saving drugs
2017-11-21 — Forget Germany – the real crisis as far as Brexit talks go is closer to home
2017-11-17 — UK will thrive after Brexit because we've been successful for 1000 years, new US ambassador ...
2017-11-17 — Goldman Sachs boss calls for second Brexit referendum
2017-11-17 — German minister calls for UK to hold SECOND referendum with choice to CANCEL BREXIT
2017-11-17 — No wonder the north is angry. Here's a plan to bridge the bitter Brexit divide
2017-11-17 — Catalyzed by Trump and Brexit, the EU's 23-army defense pact is unlikely to enhance security
2017-11-17 — Russia used hundreds of fake accounts to tweet about Brexit, data shows
2017-11-17 — Brexit has caused Europeans to doubt what sort of country Britain is, David Davis says
2017-11-16 — NHS cuts have caused 120000 extra deaths – it will only get worse under Brexit
2017-11-14 — Trump, Russia and Brexit Revive 'Landmark' Defense Project for Europe
2017-11-14 — UK lawmakers battle over Brexit amid customs chaos warning
2017-11-14 — We'll never stop Brexit or Trump until we address the anger fuelling both
2017-11-14 — Trump, Brexit and Echoes of World War I
2017-11-10 — Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt promoted to International Development Secretary
2017-11-09 — Chance of no Brexit deal 'over 50%', say EU officials
2017-11-09 — Brexit will hit north of England the hardest, says thinktank
2017-11-09 — Chris Riddell on satire in the internet age of Trump and Brexit: “We're very fortunate to have so ...
2017-11-09 — Wall Street warns Trump team of Brexit 'point of no return'
2017-11-09 — Brexit Britain's slapdash approach to foreign policy
2017-11-08 — The Brexit roadblock is causing a laissez-faire crisis of government
2017-11-07 — UK must not compromise with EU over Brexit, says senior Trump adviser
2017-11-07 — The corporate symbol of a discount Brexit Britain?
2017-11-07 — Don't let the EU dictate Brexit, US warns Britain
2017-11-07 — 6 ways Brexit is taking its toll
2017-11-02 — Government may bow to pressure to release Brexit impact studies
2017-11-02 — Car industry asks May for 'urgent clarity' on Brexit
2017-11-02 — Why business is beginning to panic about Brexit
2017-11-02 — Beware the Tory cult that's steering Brexit
2017-11-02 — Brexit is making Germany even more juicy for real estate investors
2017-10-31 — UK Demands More Frequent Brexit Talks to Force Progress
2017-10-31 — We need to know if Russia interfered in Brexit
2017-10-31 — Ukip whistleblowers raised fears about Breitbart influence on Brexit
2017-10-27 — How Brexit has made Britain the new sick man of Europe
2017-10-27 — Barclays shares slump to their worst day since the Brexit vote after disappointing results
2017-10-26 — Michael Bloomberg: Brexit is stupidest thing any country has done besides Trump
2017-10-26 — Brexit 'worst decision' and super rich hack
2017-10-26 — The Guardian view on universities and Brexit: culture wars
2017-10-26 — Britain's Empire State is the cause of Brexit. Can the English now liberate themselves from its ...
2017-10-26 — Forget Brexit: Here's the single most important decision for the world economy
2017-10-26 — We must stop this tragic farce – Brexit can be reversed
2017-10-26 — New study explains science behind why people voted for Donald Trump and Brexit
2017-10-25 — Tory MP behind Brexit letter to universities regrets his decision, education minister claims
2017-10-24 — The Brexit economy: the storm clouds are gathering
2017-10-24 — Future of Brexit is up to UK, Tusk warns May
2017-10-24 — EU President Donald Tusk Still Thinks Brexit Can Be Reversed
2017-10-24 — Brexit is a dangerous game – Theresa May must play that ace and walk to trump EU
2017-10-24 — Brexit makes a nonsense of Nigel Lawson's struggle against inflation
2017-10-20 — UK considers extending post-Brexit support for Horizon 2020 bids
2017-10-20 — The UK's divorce bill: Brexit money row explained
2017-10-19 — Brexit can strength the Union – but only if handled well
2017-10-19 — Ministers must take a Brexit 'no deal' seriously
2017-10-19 — The EU is demanding Britain pays billions for pensions before it will agree Brexit
2017-10-19 — How can the UK buy more time for Brexit?
2017-10-19 — Brexit: British film and TV industries facing 'catastrophic' consequences of EU exit, lobby group warns
2017-10-19 — PM promises all 3million EU citizens they can stay – even without a Brexit deal
2017-10-19 — Homophobic hate crime reports reach record heights following Brexit vote
2017-10-19 — Britain confronts tough German line on Brexit
2017-10-17 — Hate-crime prosecutions fall despite spike in reported attacks after Brexit referendum
2017-10-17 — Parliament has limited power to stop a 'no deal' Brexit
2017-10-17 — The cost of a Brexit 'no deal' is diminishing
2017-10-17 — Uncertainty over Brexit transition 'could put 75000 City jobs at risk'
2017-10-17 — May faces rebellion over Brexit as MPs call for vote and transition deal
2017-10-17 — Could bid to block Brexit lead to our EU departure never happening?
2017-10-17 — The time has come for Theresa May to tell the nation: Brexit can't be done
2017-10-13 — Richard Branson claims Brexit will be STOPPED because Brexiteers are 'DYING OFF'
2017-10-12 — Hard Brexit with no trade deal 'would cost UK economy £400bn by 2030', says study
2017-10-12 — Hard Brexit Would Cost UK $15000 Per Person, Rabobank Says
2017-10-12 — What the papers say: Britain's chaotic approach to Brexit is helping the EU
2017-10-12 — John Bercow insists MPs have the 'right' to try and prevent Brexit
2017-10-12 — Molly Scott Cato: “We have to stop Brexit before Christmas”
2017-10-11 — Brexit will be a betrayal of the UK's fight for equality
2017-10-11 — Theresa May right-hand man declares the 'UK WILL be worse off after of Brexit'
2017-10-10 — European Medicines Agency facing Brexit staff exodus and hole in budget
2017-10-10 — Post-Brexit white papers 'pave way for UK as independent trading nation'
2017-10-10 — PM's plan for 'no deal' Brexit
2017-10-10 — Brexit poses threat to London's role as global markets hub
2017-10-10 — The EU is set to delay Brexit transition talks, in a fresh blow to Theresa May
2017-10-10 — Would tougher voting rules have changed the Brexit result?
2017-10-10 — Most Britons want May to lead through Brexit process
2017-10-05 — Brexit was caused by feelings: older voters not to blame
2017-10-05 — Theresa May can restore some of her credibility by putting Boris Johnson in charge of Brexit
2017-10-05 — UK car sales suffer big fall in September as Brexit hits confidence - business live
2017-10-05 — German firms told to prepare for hard Brexit or face heavy losses
2017-10-05 — Trump opposes EU-UK WTO deal in blow to May's Brexit plans
2017-10-05 — Britain's best-known bond investor: 'How I dodged the Brexit bullet'
2017-10-03 — Business groups slam UK government over Brexit
2017-10-03 — The UK will not 'cut and paste' EU trade deals after Brexit, says trade chief
2017-10-03 — Sack Boris Johnson for sake of Brexit talks, key MEP urges May
2017-10-03 — Brexit will hit Britain's overseas territories hard – why is no one talking about it?
2017-10-03 — The Corporation of London has a secret Brexit plan
2017-09-28 — Brexit must mean more, not less for child refugees
2017-09-28 — Emmanuel Macron launches SAVAGE attack on David Cameron for failing during Brexit campaign
2017-09-28 — Music enthusiast creates terrible (yet strangely enjoyable) ode to Brexit
2017-09-28 — Ask your minister: What did you do for Britain in the Brexit war?
2017-09-28 — What the Boeing and Bombardier trade dispute reveals about Brexit
2017-09-28 — Boris Johnson endorses new think tank caling for the hardest possible Brexit
2017-09-28 — Britain wants 'change in attitude' in the Brexit negotiations, Amber Rudd warns
2017-09-28 — Labour would 'ensure access' to single market after Brexit
2017-09-27 — Post-Brexit Britain should be leading agitator for free trade – Boris Johnson
2017-09-26 — UK Home Office says EU citizens will not need ID cards after Brexit
2017-09-26 — What is Labour's position on Brexit? It's time Corbyn told us
2017-09-26 — Sadiq Khan calls for second referendum on Brexit
2017-09-26 — NO divorce bill without trade deal talks' Furious Davis and Barnier clash over Brexit
2017-09-26 — Should interest rates go up as Brexit approaches? Experts debate the data
2017-09-26 — As the media obsess over Brexit, they're missing Labour's revolution
2017-09-26 — Brexit deadlock over Irish border 'could lead to break-up of the union'
2017-09-21 — Bespoke or off-the-peg: How might the Brexit transition look?
2017-09-21 — So this is Labour's Brexit policy: siding with a foreign government against Britain
2017-09-21 — Brexit Negotiations Phase One: Winter Is Coming
2017-09-21 — EU Brexit negotiator trolls Theresa May by saying Brexit will be 'painful, not pleasant and costly ...
2017-09-21 — Why is the government's Brexit approach so inconsistent?
2017-09-19 — Boris Johnson Gets Back in the Brexit Game
2017-09-19 — Boris Johnson would have been sacked over his Brexit article in 'normal times', says Ken Clarke
2017-09-19 — Vince Cable to warn 'disaster looms' with Brexit in first major speech as Liberal Democrat leader
2017-09-19 — History shows an amicable Brexit is possible
2017-09-19 — Theresa May will get no sympathy for Brexit in Eurosceptic Italy
2017-09-19 — What do the government's position papers say about Brexit options?
2017-09-19 — Brexit is 'not going to happen' because the Government are 'hopeless', says Paddy Ashdown
2017-09-14 — How will Brexit shape the European research landscape?
2017-09-14 — Theresa May's ally Damian Green will be her secret Brexit weapon
2017-09-14 — Why the amount of the "Brexit divorce bill" doesn't matter that much
2017-09-14 — Brexit negotiations not going 'in the way we might hope' says former Bank of England governor ...
2017-09-14 — Why Brexit and Trump make me nervous about the marriage equality vote
2017-09-13 — Brexit views of children and young people must be heard, say campaigners
2017-09-12 — Family start crowdfunder to leave Britain after Brexit
2017-09-12 — Merkel ally warns Theresa May's approach to Brexit 'will not work'
2017-09-12 — What Happens if Brexit Negotiations Don't Work?
2017-09-12 — UK farm growth hit as migrant workers fall after Brexit referendum
2017-09-12 — UK inflation unexpectedly jumps as the pound sterling's slump after Brexit vote still affects prices
2017-09-08 — Australian university sees Brexit chance to poach UK talent
2017-09-07 — Scientists fear Brexit brain drain if leaked Home Office proposals implemented
2017-09-07 — 'Not helpful' Top German MEP slams 'hostile' British plan to cut EU migration after Brexit
2017-09-07 — Shipping bosses: two-year Brexit transition will not be long enough
2017-09-07 — Davis says 'Norway option' during Brexit transition would be 'worst of all outcomes' - Politics live
2017-09-07 — The government is bungling Brexit talks – it needs to take them seriously
2017-09-07 — Voters want a Ukip Brexit? Not in Scotland they don't
2017-09-05 — The EU's five biggest Brexit howlers...and the five mistakes Britain made too
2017-09-05 — UK economy loses momentum as fears mount about cost of Brexit, find latest surveys
2017-09-05 — Theresa May to be forced out as leader due to Cabinet splits over Brexit, analyst warns
2017-09-05 — Brexit is 'stupid' and could still be reversed says top EU official
2017-09-05 — Queen Victoria would have been 'horrified' at Brexit, says writer of hit royal TV drama
2017-09-05 — Northern Ireland's future at risk without post-Brexit customs deal, says Hain
2017-09-05 — The Brexit bill is cataclysmic. Only a swerve will save us
2017-09-05 — Farce' of cut-and-paste Brexit plan
2017-08-31 — UK regions left 'hoping' for funds after Brexit
2017-08-31 — Guy Verhofstadt accused of going 'way beyond his pay grade' after suggesting Brexit talks will ...
2017-08-31 — Stubbornness will ensure a bad Brexit for the EU and Britain. The only way now is compromise
2017-08-31 — It's time to 'really start negotiating,' says European Parliament chief for Brexit
2017-08-31 — Pro-Brexit Twitter account with 100000 followers could be part of Russian 'disinformation campaign'
2017-08-29 — Japan has shot down Theresa May's hopes for a quick trade deal after Brexit
2017-08-29 — Frankfurt is winning the battle for Brexit spoils
2017-08-29 — Brexit talks continue as EU's chief negotiator urges UK to take them seriously
2017-08-29 — Juncker: 'enormous' amount of Brexit issues need to be resolved
2017-08-29 — None of UK Government's Brexit position papers satisfactory, says EC's Juncker
2017-08-29 — Labour has to be bolder on Brexit: our economy depends on it
2017-08-28 — Small rise in Indian students after Brexit, EU citizens quit UK
2017-08-28 — Britain's 'gazelles' blame skills gap on bad schools rather than Brexit
2017-08-24 — Net migration falls to 246000 in lead-up to Brexit as thousands of EU citizens ...
2017-08-24 — The answer to Brexit turmoil is staring us in the face
2017-08-24 — Britain's economy grew as expected in the second quarter — but Brexit uncertainty continues to bite
2017-08-22 — UK pushes EU to talk post-Brexit trade
2017-08-22 — Al Gore says Brexit was caused by… climate change
2017-08-22 — Brexit could leave Irish peace programme at risk, campaigners warn
2017-08-22 — Majority of UK public backs Brexit 'transition period', poll finds
2017-08-21 — Brexit must not mean we slide back in time on gay rights
2017-08-18 — Brexit has created a staycation trend
2017-08-17 — Brexit trade talks may be reduced to as little as 10 months
2017-08-17 — UK consumer spending is hit by rising inflation and Brexit uncertainty
2017-08-17 — Theresa May must seek 'liberal' migration rules after Brexit to avoid 'shooting herself in the foot ...
2017-08-17 — UK's 'totally unworkable' Brexit plan raises new fears over Border
2017-08-17 — Number of EU nationals working in Britain hits record high despite Brexit
2017-08-15 — UK will 'mirror' much of EU customs system for Brexit, plans reveal
2017-08-15 — How do small business owners feel about Brexit?
2017-08-15 — London's financial district is 'hemorrhaging talent' because of Brexit, warns UK job recruiter
2017-08-15 — Government refusing to publish 50 'secret' studies on Brexit impact
2017-08-10 — As the world beyond the EU opens up, the post-Brexit opportunities for British research are endless
2017-08-10 — Has Brexit changed your plans to live outside the UK?
2017-08-10 — Some Brexit banks tap brakes on Dublin escape
2017-08-10 — We didn't vote for compromise' Farage furious at EU judge calling for Norway-style Brexit
2017-08-10 — Boris Johnson should be in prison over Brexit referendum claims, says David Davis' former chief of
2017-08-10 — Is the UK Doomed After Brexit?
2017-08-08 — Cabinet splits result in bad start to Brexit negotiations
2017-08-08 — Theresa May slaps down former top diplomat who said Brexit negotiations were 'in chaos'
2017-08-08 — Thanks to Brexit, the Irish Countryside Is More Popular Than Ever
2017-08-07 — This is the sound of global protest, from Trump to Brexit
2017-08-03 — Unemployment falls, optimism rises in the EU a year after Brexit vote
2017-08-03 — Brexit supporters are willing to see the British economy tank as long as the UK leaves the EU
2017-08-03 — Deutsche Bank expects to move 4000 jobs to EU after Brexit
2017-08-03 — Brexit is happening so let's make it work for all of us, DUP's Foster tells Varadkar
2017-08-03 — Arlene Foster slaps down Leo Varadkar - Ireland must ACCEPT Brexit will happen
2017-08-03 — Calexit! Calfornians want to replicate Brexit and TAKE BACK their tax dollars
2017-08-01 — Britain Could Lose 40000 Investment Bankers After Brexit, Report Says
2017-08-01 — World leaders asked how UK would 'get round' Brexit, says Hague
2017-08-01 — UK must rescue itself from abrupt Brexit 'disaster', Hague says
2017-07-28 — Six in 10 Brexit voters 'think gay sex is unnatural', poll finds
2017-07-27 — Brexit: 12 things you should know
2017-07-27 — Impact of Brexit on cities highlights need for Scots deal
2017-07-27 — Brexit vote toll cited as UK economy struggles
2017-07-27 — The promises of Brexit can't be kept. You can only decide which bits to betray
2017-07-25 — Many Irish retailers think Brexit will do more damage to their business than the recession
2017-07-25 — What Will Brexit Mean For Your Cross-Border E-Commerce?
2017-07-25 — Brexit Talks On Rights Of EU Citizens
2017-07-25 — Unfortunately, Brexit is in the hands of politicians who don't think rationally'
2017-07-24 — A reformed EU, not Brexit, offers best hope of more progressive UK
2017-07-20 — EU trade deal after Brexit should be 'easiest in history' to get
2017-07-20 — A rallying cry to 'halt Brexit'
2017-07-20 — May Urged to Reassure Businesses Over Her Brexit Strategy
2017-07-18 — Don't mention Brexit and don't support the Tories': London school teacher reveals horror at how the ...
2017-07-18 — Brexit uncertainty hits Scottish economy, say PwC
2017-07-18 — The author of Article 50 wants Theresa May to stop Brexit: 'Disastrous consequences are now
2017-07-18 — Scrap-it' Brexit – 33 reasons why … and counting
2017-07-14 — Government adviser says Brexit is the biggest mistake since failing to stop Hitler's rise to power
2017-07-14 — What Sort of Brexit Do the British People Want?
2017-07-13 — Government says it's 'ready to listen' over Brexit as Labour threatens to vote down repeal bill ...
2017-07-13 — The clock is ticking on Brexit: it is time for Theresa May to be straight with people
2017-07-13 — What hard Brexit means for British breakfasts
2017-07-13 — We are going to face a massive employment crisis after Brexit
2017-07-12 — EU's Brexit negotiator sets out tough conditions for UK
2017-07-11 — Brexit can still be stopped
2017-07-11 — A Brexit that satisfies the 52 per cent is an impossible dream
2017-07-11 — HSBC CEO confirms 'hard' Brexit plan to move 1000 jobs to Paris
2017-07-11 — UK university proposes post-Brexit campus in Germany
2017-07-11 — Theresa May's plans to work with Labour on Brexit will hasten her downfall, Tory ex-ministers say
2017-07-11 — Dublin is top destination for financial groups post-Brexit
2017-07-11 — Brexit sends London property investors to the exit
2017-07-07 — I know in my heart that Brexit can be stopped
2017-07-07 — Could China be the new best friend for a post-Brexit Britain?
2017-07-07 — EU's Barnier to Britain: No chance of friction-free trade after Brexit
2017-06-30 — At least 12 banks are moving some operations from London to Dublin after Brexit
2017-06-30 — Labour's single market rebels vow to continue to pressure PM on Brexit
2017-06-30 — Soft Brexit is the only sane option. This is no time for partisan politics
2017-06-30 — UK firms 'failing to prepare' for regulation changes after Brexit
2017-06-28 — Brexit predictions from top think tanks were 'overly pessimistic' and the impact on UK trade will be ...
2017-06-28 — EU exploring invisible border in Ireland post Brexit
2017-06-27 — Why Brexit really does mean Brexit: Three signs that Theresa May will get tough on EU immigration
2017-06-27 — Soft, or even just smooth Brexit is important: Manpower
2017-06-27 — No Brexit deal 'unacceptable', UK insurers warn
2017-06-26 — British Pound Should Improve Due To Chances Of A Soft Brexit
2017-06-26 — 500000 children raised in UK will battle to get passports after Brexit
2017-06-26 — UK to keep duty-free access for developing countries post-Brexit
2017-06-26 — UK Turns to Emerging Markets for Trade as Brexit Talks Begin
2017-06-23 — UK's universities set 'Brexit wish list'
2017-06-23 — A year on from the Brexit vote it's striking how little we know about where it will lead
2017-06-23 — Hard or soft Brexit? The six scenarios for Britain
2017-06-23 — Boris Johnson RULES OUT leadership challenge to May before Brexit is complete as he struggles ...
2017-06-21 — Brexit fears see 254 per cent rise in number of British applications for French nationality
2017-06-21 — Enough is enough: let's stop Brexit before it does irrevocable damage
2017-06-20 — The Brexit negotiations have started, but are they going anywhere?
2017-06-20 — The significance of the Brexit sequencing U-turn
2017-06-20 — David Davis heads to Spain for talks after UK caves in over EU's Brexit timetable demand
2017-06-20 — It's not just the UK that will benefit from Brexit. The EU will too
2017-06-19 — Pro-life, pro-Brexit, pro-UK: How Northern Ireland's DUP became the enemy of the Left
2017-06-19 — Europe may offer 'soft Brexit' and let UK stay in Single Market, hints German Foreign Minister
2017-06-19 — Brexit negotiations under way: Here are five ways David Davis can win for the UK
2017-06-19 — How do citizens' rights affect Brexit negotiations?
2017-06-19 — Britain begins Brexit negotiations with EU
2017-06-19 — Hard Brexit will let liberalism thrive in Britain, not snuff it out
2017-06-19 — Philip Hammond's narrow path through Brexit and austerity
2017-06-15 — UK faces a brain drain following Brexit
2017-06-15 — Britain could soften Brexit talks by offering EU citizens the right to bring their non-European ...
2017-06-15 — No, the election was not a rebellion against Brexit – or 'austerity'
2017-06-13 — Theresa May urged to adopt Labour-style approach to Brexit - politics live
2017-06-13 — Has the election changed EU views of Brexit?
2017-06-13 — Lord Buckethead agrees to step in and take controls as May's Brexit spirals into chaos
2017-06-13 — Brexit EU pushes ahead with plans to take control of London's clearing business
2017-06-12 — Hard Brexit not backed by most MPs, remain campaigners say
2017-06-12 — I am astonished: the British voters might just have saved us from a crazy hard Brexit
2017-06-12 — May's Ministers Plot Softer Brexit to Keep UK in Single Market
2017-06-12 — Ex-British chancellor: No 'hard Brexit'
2017-06-12 — Theresa May faces tough questions on Brexit at crunch meeting
2017-06-09 — Revenge of the youth! How 18 to 24-year-olds furious over Brexit gave Theresa May a disastrous ...
2017-06-08 — Hard Brexit could damage UK's world-class museums
2017-06-07 — Slew of tie-ups bring relief, suggest UK-India ties unaffected by Brexit
2017-06-06 — Brexit 'threatens UK-Ireland research links'
2017-06-06 — After Brexit, Clinical Trials will become even more Challenging
2017-06-06 — The Lib Dems and the SNP face a shared Brexit problem
2017-06-05 — EU looks to Australia for stability in a post-Brexit and Trump world
2017-06-05 — Squeeze on schools as Brexit comes to the classroom
2017-06-05 — Why Brexit could hurt UK clearing
2017-06-01 — Theresa May needs Brexit to get her elected – it's all she has left
2017-06-01 — Female EU migrants are at risk of being deported after Brexit
2017-06-01 — The Brexit election that leaves Britain the loser
2017-06-01 — Don't leave Brexit talks to a divided and unprepared Labour and a leader who doesn't know what ...
2017-05-30 — Cameron wimped out!' Voters back May to use 'clout' in Brussels to secure Brexit deal
2017-05-30 — EU sets out demands on post-Brexit people's rights
2017-05-30 — London looks set to take the hit from hard Brexit
2017-05-30 — Theresa May reverts to Brexit message after social care U-turn
2017-05-23 — Less than 1 in 5 UK managers support 'hard Brexit'
2017-05-23 — 'Brexit undermines universities at every turn'
2017-05-18 — Brexit, NHS, the economy and education: here's what was discussed at Poole hustings
2017-05-18 — Britain will 'pay a price' for pushing ahead with its post-Brexit immigration plans
2017-05-18 — Lib Dems in manifesto pledge to hold second Brexit referendum
2017-05-18 — Ukip MPs would act like 'Vietcong in the trees' to ensure next government delivers Brexit
2017-05-16 — Making sense of Brexit: foreigners in defence of foreigners' rights
2017-05-16 — This election is about just one thing: Brexit
2017-05-16 — May's Hard Brexit Majority
2017-05-16 — Brexit dishes up food safety dilemma for UK
2017-05-15 — Post Brexit Britain could be seen as “true bastion of equalities”
2017-05-11 — Instead Of Pouring Money Down The Brexit Black Hole, Let's Invest In Britain's Schools
2017-05-11 — America threatens financial trade war with EU over plans to cripple Brexit Britain by forcing ...
2017-05-11 — Sweden intensifies push to take EU agency from UK post-Brexit
2017-05-11 — EU risks losing out to US in Brexit clearing battle
2017-05-09 — Theresa May's new wave of Brexit believers
2017-05-09 — Brexit billionaire boom? Record number of billionaires in Britain
2017-05-09 — Will Macron mean the blues or a boost for Brexit?
2017-05-04 — Brexit talks: how ready is Britain's team?
2017-05-04 — Brexit talks leadership vacuum 'leaves 45% chance of no deal'
2017-05-04 — Theresa May admits Brexit puts everyone's 'economic security and prosperity at risk'
2017-05-02 — UK says PM May to lead Brexit talks, approaching them with 'goodwill'
2017-05-02 — Brexit: UK 'will not enter into briefing war' with EC
2017-05-02 — Brexit 'distraction' threatens future of UK nuclear industry, MPs warn
2017-04-27 — More people now think Brexit is wrong than right for first time since EU referendum
2017-04-27 — Guarantees needed on higher education as Brexit looms, warns report
2017-04-27 — Hobsons Research Reveals the Views of International Students on Brexit, Trump, and the ...
2017-04-26 — Further education is key to social mobility in Brexit Britain
2017-04-26 — Dutch widow fears post-Brexit deportation despite living in UK for half a century
2017-04-25 — Could tactical voting stop Brexit?
2017-04-25 — UK's Labour Party pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election
2017-04-25 — Brexit economy: living standards are falling as the snap election looms
2017-04-25 — Britons 'oppose' Brexit guarantee for EU citizens in UK
2017-04-24 — What the French elections mean for Brexit
2017-04-24 — Trump Administration Puts Trade Deal With EU Ahead of Post-Brexit Britain
2017-04-20 — Theresa May's Early Election Gambit Reduces Brexit Risks
2017-04-20 — Brexit is about to become unstoppable: Theresa May is killing off Remain for good
2017-04-20 — Gina Miller launches tactical voting initiative against Theresa May's Brexit plans
2017-04-18 — Brexit: boom or bust for European trade?
2017-04-18 — Lloyds chooses Berlin for post-Brexit EU operations
2017-04-14 — Beating Brexit: why we must build more bridges towards borderless education
2017-04-13 — Foreign hacking during Brexit referendum can't be ruled out, report says
2017-04-13 — UK technology firms turn to Silicon Valley to ward off Brexit blues
2017-04-13 — Brexit support is as strong as ever with new poll revealing majority of Brits think we were right to ...
2017-04-13 — Brexit is making it even more difficult for UK firms already struggling to find or afford new staff
2017-04-12 — The older expats facing poverty – thanks to Brexit and frozen pensions
2017-04-11 — SNP 'held more than 80 Europe meetings after Brexit vote'
2017-04-11 — Northern Ireland 'could join European free trade association post-Brexit'
2017-04-11 — The rise in nationalism after Brexit is nothing new – the proud Englishman has always been patriotic
2017-04-10 — Brexit hasn't happened yet – and it is changing all the time
2017-04-10 — Crisis looms for social policy agenda as Brexit preoccupies Whitehall
2017-04-10 — Brexit is making it cheap and attractive for Asian banks to expand business in London
2017-04-06 — Sir Michael Caine says he voted for Brexit because he would 'rather be a poor master than a rich ...
2017-04-06 — Brexit 'Eurosceptic-priest' lays out his wish list
2017-04-06 — What cognitive software revealed in analysis of Brexit tweets
2017-04-05 — European parliament backs red lines resolution for Brexit negotiations
2017-04-04 — Here's how Brexit sparked a war of words between U.K. and Spain over Gibraltar
2017-04-04 — We were told that Brexit wouldn't lead to an increase in hate crime – the Croydon asylum seeker ...
2017-04-04 — Hull after Brexit – will the City of Culture regret voting out?
2017-03-31 — A reunited Ireland? That could be one of Brexit's side effects
2017-03-31 — Why Brexit is unlikely to deliver what supporters believed they voted for
2017-03-31 — Children and families will be victims of Brexit
2017-03-30 — Brexit is a once in a lifetime opportunity to sweep away red tape and free Britain's economy
2017-03-30 — For Britons, Brexit Is Now More Fear Than Hope
2017-03-30 — No turning back' as British PM Theresa May triggers Brexit
2017-03-30 — Brexit is a big opportunity for Irish universities, says education firm
2017-03-30 — Will Brexit Drain the UK of Its Desperately Needed Developers?
2017-03-30 — A 'hard Brexit' creates uncertainty for Canada on what's next for trade
2017-03-28 — UK Businesses Prepare Brexit Wish Lists as EU Talks Commence
2017-03-28 — Nigel Farage says he will emigrate if Brexit goes badly
2017-03-28 — Theresa May's Brexit stance could come at a political cost
2017-03-27 — Educate North Conference to examine future of universities in a post-Brexit world
2017-03-24 — Brexit economy: UK faces squeeze on living standards
2017-03-24 — Many MPs who complained about BBC's coverage of Brexit are 'hardline Euro-climate sceptics'
2017-03-23 — MPs to vote on second referendum for Theresa May's Brexit deal
2017-03-23 — UK millionaires think Brexit will make them even richer, survey finds
2017-03-23 — Brexit could damage UK's efforts to tackle corruption, says OECD
2017-03-23 — British based airlines warned they 'must move to EU after Brexit or lose major routes'
2017-03-21 — How the UK Has Beaten Predictions of a Brexit Crunch So Far
2017-03-21 — A sensible Brexit deal is more probable than you think
2017-03-21 — Anti-Brexit campaigners accused of 'watering down' London march
2017-03-17 — As The UK Starts Down The Brexit Road, What Does The Future Hold For Its Young People?
2017-03-16 — Brexit: 'fantastic' UK researchers head for Canada
2017-03-16 — Wales' universities will be worst hit by a hard Brexit, warns major report
2017-03-16 — An exit from Brexit?
2017-03-16 — Sainsbury's warns over 'uncertain' impact of pound's Brexit slide
2017-03-16 — Brexit, gun control and feminist science fiction on 2017 Orwell prize longlist
2017-03-14 — Could opposing Brexit spell the end for the House of Lords?
2017-03-14 — Sterling hits second-lowest point since Brexit vote as political risks spike
2017-03-14 — Queen to give Brexit Bill approval clearing the way for Theresa May to invoke Article 50 before ...
2017-03-13 — Ditch hostile approach of 'Brexit zealots', Europhile Tories urge ministers
2017-03-13 — Nicola Sturgeon cannot stop Brexit but she can make life very difficult for Theresa May
2017-03-13 — 47% of parents think Brexit will leave children worse off, report finds
2017-03-09 — Hammond has done what he can to prepare Britain's defences for Brexit
2017-03-09 — Hard Brexit has potential to deny people NI medical treatment
2017-03-09 — Why Brexit is not a piece of cake for Ministry of Cake
2017-03-09 — Brexit campaigners shift focus to global free trade
2017-03-09 — Why universities will help make Britain a global powerhouse of scientific innovation post-Brexit
2017-03-08 — University bosses gather to discuss impact of Brexit on attracting international talent
2017-03-07 — Tens of thousands sign up to march on Parliament in stop Brexit protest
2017-03-07 — Why amending the Brexit bill would be a mistake
2017-03-07 — More than 130000 EU nationals apply for UK residency in six months after Brexit
2017-03-07 — British Lawmaker Behind 'Brexit' Speaks at Law School
2017-03-06 — The Scottish Play: Will Brexit Spell the End of a United Kingdom?
2017-03-06 — Gay couple to quit Gwynedd for Germany because of Brexit and a rise in 'xenophobia'
2017-03-06 — Anti-Brexit billboards appear across the UK
2017-03-06 — Brexit won't cut immigration, say peers: Report raises doubts because numbers arriving from ...
2017-03-03 — Child poverty rate to hit 30% in Britain after Brexit
2017-03-03 — John Howard: Trump and Brexit symbolise cry for 'national sovereignty'
2017-03-03 — Theresa May to warn SNP to stop playing politics over Brexit
2017-03-03 — Bishops divided on Brexit Bill: moral obligation and ethical liberation
2017-03-03 — On Brexit the Lords are standing up for the law – and standing up to bullies
2017-03-02 — Worries Brexit Could Lead To Rise In Homophobic Attacks
2017-02-28 — Theresa May's Brexit hand strengthens at home, but weakens on the Continent
2017-02-28 — Theresa May's Brexit work permit gives us a first glimpse of how immigration will work after we ...
2017-02-28 — Ex-Premier Major Warns May She Can't Deliver Brexit Promises
2017-02-28 — Brexit heralds the return of identity card politics
2017-02-27 — Hard Brexit 'would cause crisis for London house building'
2017-02-27 — Brexit or UKexit ?
2017-02-27 — One of Germany's top banking executives has said he wants a "pragmatic" Brexit, playing down ...
2017-02-27 — British workforce can be self-sufficient after Brexit' - think-tank chief tells Lords
2017-02-24 — UK Equalities Minister: LGBTI people will be protected after Brexit
2017-02-24 — The rise of 'political depression' - could Donald Trump and Brexit trigger mental illness?
2017-02-23 — Brexit negotiations might take 10 years – if we're lucky
2017-02-23 — The Bank of England is in denial. Brexit shows people don't act rationally
2017-02-23 — Brexit optimism highest among people who love setting fire to things
2017-02-21 — Hard Brexit, Harder than Expected
2017-02-21 — Parliament must be allowed to block an 'unpatriotic Brexit' Remain critics demand in a call for peers ...
2017-02-21 — Brexit and Trump warning as HSBC profit plunges 62%
2017-02-20 — Oxford University considering French campus amid research funding concerns after Brexit
2017-02-20 — The claims that won it for Brexit, fact checked
2017-02-20 — 'Brexit does not mean Brexit' - who are the peers with EU pensions likely to frustrate ...
2017-02-20 — Brexit is 'irrecoverable' – the people HAVEN'T changed their minds and the Lords WILL pass the ...
2017-02-17 — Brexit: UK universities invited to set up in France
2017-02-16 — Irish PM vows to OPPOSE post-Brexit 'hard border' in stern warning to Theresa May
2017-02-16 — The Known Unknowns of Brexit: What Theresa May Still Won't Say
2017-02-16 — Exports to UK fall by half a billion euro after Brexit
2017-02-15 — Rises in hate crime down to world events and disability and LGBT discrimination not Brexit say ...
2017-02-15 — How the remaining EU states could use higher education policy to turn Brexit to their advantage
2017-02-14 — Inflation hits 1.8% as post-Brexit pound weakness feeds through to high street
2017-02-14 — Brexit: Interest in UK jobs from EU graduates falls by 18% after the referendum, LinkedIn data shows
2017-02-14 — EU states could take revenge for Brexit by kicking out a million British expats, Brussels report warns
2017-02-14 — Trump, Brexit And Fascism Leave UK 'Savagely Divided' - Archbishop Of Canterbury
2017-02-14 — Europe's chief Brexit negotiator says: 'We need the Scottish people ... we cannot afford to lose that'
2017-02-13 — Brexit Means That UK Wages Will Rise
2017-02-13 — Merkel Doesn't Look Like She's About to Help Theresa May on Brexit
2017-02-13 — Brexit poll finds most Brits are opposed to leaving EU without deal
2017-02-13 — Majority in UK now expect Scotland to become independent as new poll reveals post-Brexit fall-out
2017-02-10 — Could Brexit benefit music education in the UK?
2017-02-09 — The multi-billion-euro exit charge that could sink Brexit talks
2017-02-09 — Real fight starts now': Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit tweet prompts bruising response
2017-02-09 — UK's May Has Reasons to Worry Despite Her Brexit Law Victory
2017-02-09 — What is a third reading and what happens to the Brexit bill next?
2017-02-08 — Brexit seems to be about taking reckless chances
2017-02-08 — Scottish Parliament Votes Against UK Pulling Brexit Trigger
2017-02-08 — Europe's top bankers face off over impact of disorderly Brexit
2017-02-07 — Scotland to Hold Parliament Vote on 'Catastrophic' Brexit Plan
2017-02-07 — It's not EU … it's Brexit: the couples in turmoil after the referendum result
2017-02-07 — Brexit, Trump making Britons 'anxious': poll
2017-02-06 — UK Business Says Brexit Already Having a Negative Effect
2017-02-06 — Who Will Brexit Impact Most, Consumers or Businesses?
2017-02-06 — Remoaner Alex Salmond BLASTS 'senseless' Brexiteers and vows to 'BLUNT a hard Brexit'
2017-02-06 — Scotland needs own immigration deal within Brexit, committee says
2017-02-03 — May Seeks to Ride Brexit Wave Targeting Historic By-Election Win
2017-02-03 — MP delivers Brexit version of Trainspotting monologue in Parliament: 'Choose Brexit. Choose ...
2017-02-03 — Drive to urge older people to delay retirement to fill post-Brexit job vacancies
2017-02-03 — May's race against the clock for a Brexit deal
2017-02-03 — The Government accidentally promised everyone 14 WEEKS of holiday in Brexit document
2017-02-02 — U.K. Brexit Debate Flags Economic Risk Ahead of Trigger Vote
2017-02-02 — Brexit is not the high point of democracy – it's the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in British politics
2017-02-02 — Trump, Brexit help Canadian universities recruit both profs and students
2017-01-31 — A High Street business banker says more companies want to sell internationally post-Brexit
2017-01-31 — Time running out for Brexit compromise, warns Nicola Sturgeon
2017-01-31 — Hard Brexit means losing EU doctors, surgeons
2017-01-30 — What would a successful Brexit look like? Here are four tests to measure it
2017-01-30 — Will the Trump factor rock Brexit?
2017-01-30 — Theresa May has to meet 4 criteria to make Brexit successful
2017-01-30 — Donald Trump is a disaster for Brexit
2017-01-27 — Scottish secretary calls on Holyrood to back Brexit deal
2017-01-27 — Dublin High Court case to establish if Britain can halt Brexit
2017-01-26 — Theresa May: America and Britain will 'lead together again' after Brexit and election of Donald Trump
2017-01-26 — Brexit won't kill the civil service – but if you use public services, be afraid
2017-01-26 — 63% Expect Brexit to Drive Employee Demand for Financial Education
2017-01-26 — Brexit: where the parties stand on the article 50 bill
2017-01-26 — Theresa May just published a bill paving the way for Brexit
2017-01-25 — Brexit heads to parliament — what happens next?
2017-01-25 — Passport to Paris? City rolls out red carpets to arrivals from Brexit London
2017-01-25 — U.K.'s May Faces Brexit Revolt as Lawmakers Challenge Her Power
2017-01-24 — Brexit ruling: U.K. can't leave European Union without Parliament's approval
2017-01-24 — Brexit is opportunity to pull Europe closer together: EU official
2017-01-24 — With Brexit looming, Ireland's once-disputed border is again contentious
2017-01-24 — Brexit, so what?" German firms expect little fallout, says poll
2017-01-23 — UK faces slow growth and rising unemployment due to Brexit, think tank warns
2017-01-23 — UK plans post-Brexit specialist math, tech schools
2017-01-23 — UK visas based on skill will be offered first after Brexit
2017-01-23 — Brexit could cut wages by 30% over next two decades, says private equity boss Guy Hands
2017-01-20 — Six new opportunity areas to prepare for post-Brexit Britain
2017-01-19 — Multimillionaire who funded Brexit campaign launches anti-establishment 'news website'
2017-01-19 — Brexit is only the beginning
2017-01-19 — The EU Parliament's chief Brexit negotiator is taking the fight to Theresa May
2017-01-19 — May's Brexit focus on immigration will have catastrophic consequences
2017-01-18 — Top Trump adviser says post-Brexit trade deal feasible within a year
2017-01-18 — Theresa May's bold vision of Britain after Brexit
2017-01-18 — The Guardian view on Theresa May and Brexit: a reality check tinged with fantasy
2017-01-17 — Brexit speech: May commits to 'practical solution' for Irish border
2017-01-17 — It's Hard Brexit: May is set to pull Britain out of the single market and customs union
2017-01-17 — What is going to happen when Government departments try to defuse their Brexit bombshells?
2017-01-17 — Brexit: Theresa May promises to reveal 'negotiating priorities' in speech amid criticism over ...
2017-01-16 — Hard Brexit Could Send Higher Education into Crisis
2017-01-16 — Nicola Sturgeon on why she thinks Tories' Brexit plans threaten workers' rights
2017-01-16 — Scholars more likely to leave UK post-Brexit
2017-01-16 — EU citizens in UK could face 'deliberate hostility' policy after Brexit
2017-01-16 — Brexit talks: "recipe for a trade war with Europe" - Corbyn
2017-01-16 — Hard or soft Brexit? Theresa May can have both
2017-01-13 — Brexit To Have Negative Effect On UK Universities, Experts Warn
2017-01-13 — Theresa May warned European judges will continue to rule Britain for years after Brexit
2017-01-13 — Theresa May is finally going to unveil Britain's Brexit plans
2017-01-13 — Preparing for Brexit Just Got Harder
2017-01-13 — Brexit Crackdown On Foreign Students Could Cost Britain £2 Billion A Year, Report Reveals
2017-01-12 — Northern Ireland Plunges Into Political Crisis Just as Brexit Looms
2017-01-12 — Tech exodus post-Brexit?
2017-01-12 — Hard Brexit Would Be The 'Biggest Disaster In Years' For Universities, Say Leading Academics
2017-01-12 — 90 per cent of academics think Brexit will have a negative impact on higher education
2017-01-12 — Brexit will help UK universities recruit the world's brightest students through new global networks ...
2017-01-11 — Hard Brexit threatens global financial system, City chiefs tell MPs
2017-01-11 — UK prime minister reminds everyone that Brexit is actually happening and that's hitting the pound
2017-01-11 — The Brexit resistance: 'It's getting bigger all the time'
2017-01-10 — May denies UK heading for 'hard Brexit', as sterling falls
2017-01-10 — Universities face 'brain drain' after Brexit, survey reveals
2017-01-09 — Theresa May still refuses to define Brexit
2017-01-09 — Economists as pessimistic as ever about Brexit Britain's prospects
2017-01-09 — Austerity is the problem for Britain not Brexit
2017-01-09 — 5 ways in which Brexit will affect teens
2017-01-09 — Michael Gove says not leaving the single market would be 'fake Brexit'
2017-01-09 — Brexit backlash?
2017-01-06 — Lack of UK negotiating experience could slow Brexit talks: Norway PM
2017-01-06 — After its Brexit-Trump reversal, here's what the left must do
2017-01-06 — Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May Better Make Her Brexit Stance Clear, And Soon
2017-01-05 — How Brexit is breaking the British constitution
2017-01-05 — May is tipped to double down on 'Hard Brexit' threats for immigration control
2017-01-05 — Theresa May plans major speech to defuse Brexit criticism
2017-01-05 — Brexit fallout and roadside dementia
2017-01-04 — Post-Brexit economic joy?
2017-01-04 — Britain's EU ambassador QUITS just weeks after saying Brexit would take a DECADE
2017-01-04 — To get Brexit through the Lords, send in the kamikaze squad
2017-01-03 — Britain must take control of its borders post-Brexit, says leadership candidate
2017-01-03 — Leaving EU customs union could create 400000 jobs in UK Pro-Brexit Change Britain group argue
2017-01-03 — Britons' predictions for 2017: Brexit, economic concerns, and a Royal Engagement?
2017-01-02 — Britons must unite after their "divisive" Brexit, Theresa May says in New Year message
2017-01-02 — Brexit, homes and my hardest decision
2017-01-02 — A Brexit bust? No, the real danger lies in the debt-fuelled boom
2016-12-30 — In Pro-Brexit English City, A Jobs Crisis Is Averted — But For How Long?
2016-12-30 — UK in 2030: older, more unequal and blighted by Brexit, report predicts
2016-12-30 — Can the UK beat the Brexit blues in 2017?
2016-12-30 — Brexit hysteria blinds us to the real danger: an out-of-control boom
2016-12-30 — Theresa May acting like Henry VIII by refusing Brexit vote, says Jeremy Corbyn
2016-12-30 — Britain faces '10-year economic shock' after Brexit vote
2016-12-29 — Michael Gove defends his pre-Brexit blast on 'experts' as he likens EU exit to English Civil War
2016-12-29 — The lesson of Trump and Brexit: a society too complex for its people risks everything
2016-12-29 — What will next year's 'Brexit moments' be? The key dates for investors in 2017
2016-12-28 — Stop worrying about Brexit and Donald Trump – the world is actually getting better by the day
2016-12-28 — Brexit Tory Michael Gove attacked for refusing to let his claims about 'experts' go
2016-12-28 — Irish in London: 'Brexit and Trump made me feel less welcome in the UK'
2016-12-28 — Trump, terror and Brexit: Biggest stories of 2016, the year the world was rocked by tragedy
2016-12-27 — Brexit, Trump and the countries that legalised homosexuality in 2016
2016-12-27 — Top words of 2016: From 'Brexit' to 'post-truth'
2016-12-27 — French town to get 'Brexit street' to pay 'tribute to the sovereign British people' says Front National ...
2016-12-27 — The failures of capitalism have led to Brexit and a Donald Trump presidency
2016-12-26 — Donald Trump's trade chief said 'Brexit is God-given opportunity for Britain's financial rivals'
2016-12-26 — Queen did back Brexit in run-up to referendum, says Laura Kuenssberg
2016-12-26 — Britain should be 'more self confident' about Brexit, says Mervyn King
2016-12-23 — Brexit means Brexit, Your Majesty: Queen 'disappointed' at Theresa May's lack of detail
2016-12-22 — Brexit 'is hurting thousands of small retailers
2016-12-22 — Spain has killed any chance of a separate Scottish Brexit deal
2016-12-22 — Up to 48 different European governments will hold a veto over Britain's post-Brexit trade deal with ...
2016-12-21 — Families divided by Brexit: 'Part of me just wants to avoid my dad completely now'
2016-12-21 — A successful Brexit is possible but pleasing everyone is not
2016-12-21 — Scientists need to wake up to the opportunities of Brexit
2016-12-21 — Don't mention this around the Christmas table: Brexit, inequality and the demographic divide
2016-12-20 — Theresa May will be pressed to tell us what 'Brexit means Brexit' actually means as she gets a ...
2016-12-20 — When Brexit turns nasty
2016-12-20 — London Mayor appoints former EU Commissioner to Brexit think-tank
2016-12-20 — Nicola Sturgeon to set out Scottish Brexit proposals
2016-12-19 — Does he have no shame? Alex Salmond boasts of ganging up with Juncker over Brexit
2016-12-19 — Fundamental rights not a bargaining chip for Brexit, says Committee
2016-12-19 — UK jobs market to defy Brexit gloom in 2017, says CBI
2016-12-15 — How Brexit may not mean Brexit
2016-12-15 — Why Brexit is Not Bad News for UK Based Arbitration and Litigation
2016-12-15 — Britain to Leave the EU, but 'Brexit' to Join the Oxford English Dictionary
2016-12-13 — Brexit by the numbers: the fear of brain drain
2016-12-09 — The Brexit debate should not distract us from using the Global Goals to tackle hunger ...
2016-12-08 — Brexit legal challenge: Scotland and Northern Ireland must consent to Article 50, Supreme Court told
2016-12-08 — U.K. Lawmakers Back Theresa May's March 2017 Brexit Schedule
2016-12-06 — Post-Brexit dreams of empire: arms, free trade and corporate conquest
2016-12-01 — Brexiters have poor school performance, says Ofsted
2016-12-01 — Brexit a 'significant risk' to income of universities
2016-11-28 — Brexit teen says education system BIASED towards EU as she talks of backlash at university
2016-11-28 — They tell me not to speak Polish': students on life after Brexit vote
2016-11-24 — Hewden hire company collapses in wake of Brexit warning
2016-11-23 — Brexit far worse for science than Trump
2016-11-21 — Will Brexit block EU students from UK law schools?
2016-11-16 — Majority of British students want a second Brexit referendum
2016-11-16 — Brexit vote driving anti-LGBT hate crime as victims told: 'You're next'
2016-11-15 — Look to China after Brexit, CBI advises UK universities
2016-11-14 — Americans inspired by Brexit to wear safety pins in show of solidarity with minorities after Donald ...
2016-11-14 — What will Brexit mean for Britain's world-class universities?
2016-11-11 — Should LGBT workers be concerned about Brexit?
2016-11-10 — Tory hits out over SNP's 'dangerous obsession' with linking hate crime to Brexit
2016-11-10 — Brexit could leave rural areas facing deep poverty': Nearly a quarter of all people in Wales now ...
2016-11-07 — Limiting student visas at some campuses 'ignoring Brexit message'
2016-11-07 — Jeremy Hunt: forcing May to reveal Brexit plan would damage economy
2016-11-04 — The three judges who 'blocked Brexit'
2016-11-04 — Invest to secure the skills post-Brexit Britain needs
2016-11-04 — Theresa May humiliated as High Court rules MPs MUST vote on Brexit before Article 50 is triggered
2016-11-03 — Brexit And Uk Higher Education
2016-11-03 — UK approaches Brexit with strongest graduate jobs market since the recession: New report
2016-11-02 — People able to travel freely between UK and Ireland after Brexit, says Kenny
2016-10-31 — Brexit Britain is desperate for a decent genesis myth
2016-10-31 — Will Brexit Mess Up One of the Hottest MBA Markets in the World?
2016-10-28 — Bill Gates urges UK to invest in science as Brexit looms
2016-10-27 — 9% fall in EU applications to UK universities after Brexit vote
2016-10-27 — Advantage Britain: ruling the education world post-Brexit
2016-10-25 — Brexit decisions will not affect funding for EU students in the UK
2016-10-25 — Brexit 'poses threat' to higher education developments, warns architect
2016-10-25 — University chief warns of a Brexit catastrophe
2016-10-21 — Fear Of Hate Crime Among LGBT Students Doubles In A Year Amid Post-Brexit Vote Tensions
2016-10-17 — Experts fear that Brexit will push EU academics out of the UK
2016-10-14 — I'm a researcher from the EU and Brexit has left me in limbo
2016-10-14 — Racial, religious and gay hate crimes in the UK soared by almost 50% post-Brexit
2016-10-13 — Brexit and education policy combine to create "talent crisis" in UK design
2016-10-11 — EU student funding in UK to remain same in 2017 despite Brexit vote
2016-10-10 — Homophobic attacks rose 147% in three months after Brexit vote
2016-10-10 — New University of Sussex vice-chancellor warns of impact of Brexit, visa restrictions and Theresa ...
2016-10-07 — Brexit: What are the Home Office's immigration plans?
2016-10-06 — Cycling Across Britain in Search of Answers to Brexit
2016-10-06 — Brexit will put new Canadian head of Cambridge University to the test
2016-10-06 — Confronting Brexit: the perks and pitfalls of plausible moves
2016-10-05 — Hard Brexit' knocks pound to 31-year low
2016-09-29 — Middle class Southerners CAUSED Brexit, not working class Northerners, poll reveals
2016-09-29 — Students forced to share single rooms as university cashes in on pre-Brexit EU influx
2016-09-27 — Brexit could trigger crisis in care for older and disabled people
2016-09-27 — Will Brexit affect my UK college plans next year?
2016-09-27 — UK heading for 'hard Brexit', warns Scottish minister
2016-09-26 — Brexit fears could force 15% of UK university staff to leave posts, experts warn
2016-09-26 — Survey reveals universities' fears post-Brexit
2016-09-22 — Brexit puts social care for the elderly in jeopardy as 80000 could lose jobs
2016-09-21 — Brexit: realities of a more uncertain UK set in
2016-09-20 — University vice-chancellors say Brexit has already damaged Britain's reputation
2016-09-19 — Universities fear UK's global reputation in jeopardy due to Brexit
2016-09-19 — Tuition fees at UK universities costing international students up to 20% less after Brexit
2016-09-16 — Brexit Effect on Education: How Damaging Is It?
2016-09-15 — CSP speaks out on post Brexit workers' rights and the link between poverty and ...
2016-09-15 — International students save up to one-fifth after Brexit
2016-09-15 — Brexit cloud looms over sunny Liverpool
2016-09-14 — Stop Brexit causing 'irreparable' damage to business education
2016-09-12 — UK Growth Expectations Downgraded After Brexit
2016-09-12 — EY study finds UK well-placed for digital entrepreneurs post-Brexit
2016-09-08 — £20m social investment to fight poverty for 'Brexit children'
2016-09-08 — Government needs long term plan for 'Brexit children', says Quaker charity
2016-09-08 — Theresa May's Brexit balancing act is struggling to survive the rigours of Westminster
2016-09-07 — Five steps to end the 'social evil' of poverty for Brexit children
2016-09-02 — What Brexit means for international development
2016-09-01 — Brexit: UK may have checked out, but it can never leave
2016-08-31 — If Brexit has taught us anything it's that a vote for Trump is not an anti-establishment vote
2016-08-25 — British passport applications from EU nationals rose 14% in run-up to Brexit
2016-08-22 — UK Universities Risk Losing Foreign Students Post-Brexit
2016-08-15 — Brexit: Consequences for a Broken Britain
2016-08-15 — Treasury to 'guarantee' post-Brexit funding for EU research projects
2016-08-15 — Post-Brexit UK may compel Indian students to eye other options for higher education
2016-08-12 — Brexit may hamper child poverty fight says commissioner
2016-08-08 — Brexit has slashed the number of UK billionaires
2016-08-05 — The UK games industry can thrive in a post-Brexit world
2016-08-04 — Ireland moves to poach research talent from Britain in wake of Brexit
2016-08-04 — After Brexit, the UK needs cultural confidence - and a new concert hall
2016-08-04 — Brexit's Social Mobility Challenge
2016-08-02 — Academics feel blight of Brexit – from cancer research to peat projects
2016-08-01 — Nearly 30% Fewer International Students Likely to Study in Britain after Brexit
2016-08-01 — As the dust settles on the vote for Brexit, it is time to reach out to our democracy's missing millions
2016-07-29 — Overseas students 'turned off UK universities by Brexit'
2016-07-28 — We must ensure Brexit doesn't affect the quality of British design
2016-07-27 — What to make of 'British values' in the aftermath of Brexit?
2016-07-27 — Post-Brexit UK attracts more city students
2016-07-27 — Will a pre-Brexit building boom now bust Britain's universities?
2016-07-26 — Brexit fallout: Anti-migrant attacks surge in the UK
2016-07-26 — Education reform is the best way to answer the anger behind Britain's Brexit vote
2016-07-25 — Brexit's Biggest Threat Is to the Poorest - Here and Abroad
2016-07-25 — SNP call to protect Erasmus student exchange programme from the Brexit axe
2016-07-22 — Why the LGBT market is key in the wake of Brexit
2016-07-21 — After Brexit, What Next for Britain's Youth?
2016-07-21 — Worries Brexit could water down EU research 'excellence' focus
2016-07-20 — There's Brexit riches in education too
2016-07-20 — Universities want funding clarity on Brexit and fees
2016-07-19 — Britain's old people are getting richer while millennials are getting poorer – and Brexit will make it ...
2016-07-19 — After Brexit, will UK universities set up EU branch campuses?
2016-07-19 — Theresa May says 'Britain must not be defined by Brexit'
2016-07-18 — Banker donated chauffeur to Iain Duncan Smith before his speech on poverty during Brexit campaign
2016-07-18 — Brexit education data: EU student behaviours in the UK post-referendum
2016-07-15 — Brexit: 80 organisations call for food and farming support
2016-07-15 — Challenges lie ahead for UK's new pro-Brexit aid minister
2016-07-15 — What Brexit means for...child poverty
2016-07-14 — Brexit but Not Splended Isolation
2016-07-13 — Brexit: the fallout, the future
2016-07-12 — Four things that must happen to protect higher education after Brexit
2016-07-12 — Brexit: Top UK universities facing issues working with European partners
2016-07-12 — Brexit uncertainty starts to affect small British businesses
2016-07-11 — Why Brexit vote matters to LGBT people
2016-07-11 — What will Brexit mean for arts and culture in the UK?
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